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Our Goals

Our team at Sun Connect has always had faith in our local talent. While IT Export is a continually growing market opportunity in Pakistan, the ground reality is that most of our country’s talent never succeed in actually finding the opportunities that their skills and hard work merit.

By successfully sending Pakistani IT professionals abroad to technology and innovation leaders, we will have played our part in putting Pakistan on the map internationally, demonstrating the true value and resilience of our nation's professionals.

Our Work

Our work is to ensure the success of our applicants. When it comes to IT, Pakistan has the talent and the supply. Still, our professionals face difficulties in sourcing opportunities outside of the local ecosystem. Being able to provide the right opportunities and facilitate Pakistani professional’s successful moves to countries means building trust with key IT companies and entities in world wide seeking well qualified foreign professionals. SunConnect’s vetting process ensures that the Pakistani professionals in our database are not only well prepared to commit to IT roles, but also able to find the best job match for their particular profile.


SunConnect is committed to sourcing the top tier IT opportunities available incredible tech ecosystem for talented professionals in Pakistan. To get started with us, follow the steps below to create your profile.