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Syed Iqbaluddin Ghazi

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President/CEO - Sun Consulting Pvt Ltd (also known as Sun Enterprises)

I completed my undergraduate degree from the university of Illinois, USA, in 1978, specializing in the field of marketing. During the early periods of my professional life, I worked for various companies in Chicago and gained essential international exposure and experience. In 1984, I officially incorporated Sun Consulting in Chicago with the aim of providing qualified individuals to immigrate to North America. Soon after, I relocated to Pakistan and began running my operations from here. I have over 3 decades+ of experience in the field of Immigration, Human Resources, and Marketing. Throughout my many years of experience, I have successfully helped 14,000+ families relocate all around the world. I believe that our country has immense talent, but that they cannot fully take advantage of their skills. Unfortunately, our country lacks in providing the necessary resources for individuals to fully capitalize on their abilities. Therefore, I have made it my mission to ensure that every individual has a fair chance. I want to put Pakistan on the world map as a country that has enormous talent and want to bridge this gap between our brilliant young minds and the great opportunities they can avail worldwide.