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About us

Emphasis on Pakistan’s IT Potential​

Recognizing Pakistan’s immense potential in the IT sector,
we are committed to showcasing and leveraging this talent on a global scale.
We aim to open doors for Pakistan’s skilled IT professionals to access international opportunities.

Facilitating International Opportunities​

Our mission is to ensure that the vast pool of IT talent in Pakistan gains access to the vast array of opportunities available worldwide. We strive to make these global
connections, enabling Pakistani IT professionals to thrive in a global environment.

Commitment to Quality and Precision

At Sun Connect, our commitment is not only to fulfill recruitment needs but to do so with the utmost quality and precision.
We ensure that each placement is a testament to the high standards of Pakistan’s IT talent and their global competitiveness.

Global Competitiveness of Pakistani IT Talent

We understand that IT professionals from Pakistan are competitive globally, possessing the skills and expertise needed in the international market.
Sun Connect serves as a bridge, connecting this talent with global opportunities.

Supporting Pakistan’s IT Sector Growth

By connecting Pakistani IT professionals with international opportunities, we contribute to the growth and development of the IT sector in Pakistan, enhancing its
reputation and visibility on the global stage.

Our Team

Iqbaluddin Ghazi

Founder & CEO

Adil Ghazi


Moiz Ahmed

Technical Recruiter


Technical Recruiter

Imran Khan

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Muhammad Danial Kaim Khani

Technical Recruiter

Nadia Tariq

Technical Recruiter

Farhan Baig

Technical Recruiter

Mohammad Mazhar

Technical Recruiter

Salma Tahir

Technical Recruiter

Muhammad Usman Hamid

Technical Recruiter

Arshad Siddique

Technical Recruiter

Syed Ameer Raza Rizvi

Technical Recruiter

Umer Jewa

Technical Recruiter