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We connect Pakistani IT professionals to the most lucrative and fulfilling job opportunities available in Japan’s vibrant IT landscape.

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Sun Connect is a new enterprise born out of our existing business segment managed by Sun Consulting - Pakistan’s pioneers in the Immigration & Citizenship industry, with over 13,000+ success stories in the last 4 decades and a long track record of client satisfaction.

Drawing upon our vast experience in immigration and our desire to see more and more Pakistanis attain the lives of their dreams, Sun Connect was created to help talented Pakistani professionals capitalise on growing opportunities across the globe.

We believe in the immense talent that Pakistani IT professionals have to offer globally. With our country's IT exports surpassing the USD 3 Billion mark, our talent is consistently being validated and recognised on an international scale. And yet, this figure barely scratches the surface of our nation's potential. Our mission at Sun Connect is to ensure that a significant number of Pakistanis actualise their potential in IT, by uniquely positioning them to successfully join the world’s 3rd largest economy - the hub of cutting edge technologies and groundbreaking achievements that is Japan.


If you’re a qualified or emerging IT professional looking to break out of Pakistan’s market, you’ve come to the right place.

Career in Japan and Employment                      

Japan has a shortage of IT professionals and is projected to require over 600,000 new IT candidates to meet its growing demand.

Japan’s IT industry is exponentially growing - but the massive shortage of programming professionals needed to account for the IT job openings presents a massive opportunity for skilled professionals in Pakistan. With its government now encouraging foreign professionals to enter the market, there’s no better time than today to set your sights on new beginnings with one of the most coveted technology leaders on the planet, Japan.

Key Features and Benefits

  • You can now get Japanese citizenship/ passport in only five years. It is one of the most respected passports in the world.
  • Expected Salary range is between $50,000/ year to $200,000+/year depending on the skill set and work experience.
  • With an unemployment rate of less than 3%, Japan is a full-employment economy. This means everyone who wants a job, has a job.
  • Japan may be a busy country, but it’s very well organized. Japanese people are known for their good manners and politeness.
  • Japan is the most advanced country, not only in Asia, but in the whole world.
  • Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world.
  • Japan is the safest country in the world, with only a 1.4% crime rate.
  • Japan’s booming IT industry accounts for over 3% of the entire world’s market!
  • Japan has a shortage of IT professionals and is projected to require over 600,000 new IT candidates to meet its growing demand.


Sun Connect is committed to sourcing the top tier IT opportunities available in Japan’s incredible tech ecosystem for talented professionals in Pakistan. To get started with us, follow the steps below to create your profile.


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    "Visiting Tokyo has been my dream since I was young. Now, with the team at Sun Connect, I’ll be able to use my IT skills to find a promising role in the coolest city in the world! Go Japan and go Sun Connect!"

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    "Wow! Can’t wait to land my dream role as a IT engineer in Tokyo!"

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