If you're a candidate

Sun Connect works with clients worldwide who are actively looking to recruit IT talent for both remote and relocation purposes. We first understand the job description and find qualified candidates that meet the description. We then vet the candidate by conducting interviews and if qualified, they are introduced to the end client.

Yes, Sun Connect keeps in contact with candidates throughout their probation period with the client.

We search for job vacancies by reaching clients directly or through referrals. We only approach clients that are actively looking to recruit. 

There is no guarantee that an individual will land a job but our goal is to always minimize this risk and introduce our candidates to all potential opportunities.

We have a portal of thoroughly pre-vetted IT professionals. With our extensive database of IT professionals, we can streamline the recruiting process. This helps everyone save time and money without compromising quality. 

Currently, Sun Connect works in the North American, European, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern markets. We also serve the local Pakistani market and have further goals to expand further. 
Most job offers are remote but in rare circumstances, employers may be willing to sponsor candidates for relocation. This is based on an individual’s skill set. Sun Connect also works with visa processing in such cases.
Minimum qualification can vary from company to company but a bachelor’s degree in the field of IT and at least 2 years of relevant work experience are a minimum. 

If You're an Organization

Sun Connect first ensures it fully understands the duties and responsibilities highlighted in the job description. We then review the CVs of all applicants that meet the minimum criteria. Out of those CVs that are short-listed, we select the top candidates and interview them to ensure they possess the necessary competencies as required in the job description. 

Should an employee quit or fail during the probation period, Sun Connect will provide a replacement candidate as soon as possible with no extra charge. 

Currently, Sun Connect does not offer a client portal and therefore posting a job is not possible. However, we encourage employers to reach out to us if they want a position filled. We also do have plans to incorporate a client portal in the future. 

Yes, Sun Connect adheres to strict confidentiality clauses and will not share personal information. 
Our goal is to find you top talent within 7 working days.